Therabond 3D

Therabond 3D was originally invented by Choice Therapeutics LLC and was manufactured at Carolina Silver which is now owned by Noble Biomaterials inc. Alliqua Biomedical Inc acquired Choice Therapeutics in 2014 and together with it they acquired Therabond 3D products portfolio and customers. *** (For Videos or documents pertaining to Therabond 3D, please click on the Document’s menu or the Videos Menu above)  […]


Intact BLES

With a long history of proven results, Intact™ is the first and only system that captures a single intact sample by encompassing and completely removing suspicious lesions in an office-based procedure, providing a definitive diagnosis the first time—without the need for surgery. A truly unique excision system Unlike other procedures, Intact surrounds and excises the […]



It’s a HAND SANITIZER, CLEANSER and MOISTURIZER that kills germs and keeps your hands clean and moisturized for up to 8 hours. SkinWear is a natural and safe, antimicrobial hand sanitizer. One application has proven to kill 99.9% of common bacteria that can make you sick. It’s cleansing gel protects the skin from dirt, grease, […]



CellerateRX® is a patented form of Type I bovine collagen. There are many collagen products on the market, all of which come in the native, intact collagen which the body must break down to a usable form. By a patented process, CellerateRx® activated collagen fragments are a fraction of the size of the native collagen […]


MIST Therapy by Celleration

MIST Therapy® is a painless, noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound delivered through a saline mist to the wound bed. Unlike most wound therapies that are limited to treating the wound surface, the gentle sound waves of MIST Therapy stimulate the cells within and below the wound bed to accelerate the normal healing process. The result of these gentle […]

Mist Therapy: Product Documents and Brochures

MIST product Brochure UltraMIST product brochure Quick Reference Guide UltraMIST quick reference guide MIST 360 Quick Reference Guide MIST and MIST 360 MIST 360 Sell Sheet MIST Therapy Indications Celleration Warranty Statement (This version is obsolete, please refer to Alliqua Warranty terms in MSV agreement) Celleration Return Damage Policy (This version is obsolete, please refer to Alliqua Warranty terms in […]