It’s a HAND SANITIZER, CLEANSER and MOISTURIZER that kills germs and keeps your hands clean and moisturized for up to 8 hours.

SkinWear is a natural and safe, antimicrobial hand sanitizer.
One application has proven to kill 99.9% of common bacteria that can make you sick. It’s cleansing gel protects the skin from dirt, grease, grime, paint and more for up to 8 hours.

SkinWear also contains a bonding agent that keeps in your skin’s natural, moisturizing oils without the messy, greasy effects of typical soaps or lotions.

How SkinWear Works

Now you can protect yourself from germs anywhere with SkinWear.

Germs are everywhere and impossible not to pick up. Eighty percent of all infectious diseases such as pneumonia, salmonella and the common cold are passed along by human contact, either direct or indirect. Beyond the people you and your family come in contact with, what can you do about all the door handles, faucets, desktops and shopping carts you touch everyday? This is where SkinWear comes in.

SkinWear is an alcohol-free HAND SANITIZER that kills germs for up to 8 hours.

SkinWear is a natural and safe, FDA compliant, antimicrobial hand sanitizer. One application is proven to kill 99.9% of common bacteria that can make you sick. Alcohol based hand sanitizers also kill 99.9% of common bacteria, however, the germ-killing effects only last for 15 seconds (as long as it takes the alcohol to dry). SkinWear lasts for up to 8 hours with a single use, creating added protection between hand washes. Our long-lasting protection can create for you a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

SkinWear is a CLEANSING GEL that removes dirt, grease and grime.

SkinWear not only kills germs, its cleansing gel protects the skin from dirt, grease, paint, oil, glue, varnish and more for up to 8 hours. The non-toxic, chemical weave formed after one application is made up of highly effective cleansing agents that eliminate the need for soap if applied BEFORE DOING TASKS that can soil or stain the skin. No harmful, skin damaging cleansing agents are necessary.

SkinWear is a MOISTURIZER that prevents dry, cracked hands.

SkinWear also contains a bonding agent that keeps your skin moisturized without the messy, greasy effects of typical soaps or lotions. The result – No more dry, cracked hands.

How it Works

  1. SkinWear’s revolutionary formula creates an all-natural, non-slippery, silicon-free, alcohol-free weave that forms a bond on the skin in 4 protective layers. On each layer, its FDA compliant, non-alcohol-based, anti-microbial hand-sanitizing formulation kills 99.9% of germs.
  2. In each protective layer, dirt is “packed” into micro packages that lift and release away from the skin, allowing the harshest soilants along with the dead germs to simply wash away.
  3. Using no artificial oils or moisturizers, a rugged chemical bond is formed on the outer layer of the skin, preventing the loss of natural oils that moisturize, as well as protect the deeper layers of the skin. SkinWear’s protection lasts for 4 water rinses, one for each protective layer, or up to 8 hours.

Make SkinWear a part of your daily routine.

The protection SkinWear offers goes where you go. Its germ-killing formula will last all day by simply applying it once in the morning. If you wash your hands at least 3 times daily, one more application in the afternoon is recommended. Not only will you have stopped the spread of germs, even the dirtiest messes will come off your hands with a quick water rinse.

Use SkinWear everyday, and your world will be a cleaner, safer, more germ-free place in which to live.

From Commercial:

“SkinWear, the best product for you to use !Gel hand sanitizers became very popular quite quickly among discriminate users. SkinWear is likely to have the same effect. In addition to its many uses and properties, SkinWear is also hypoallergenic, silicone free, biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Another perk that SkinWear has that regular gel sanitizers don’t offer is the fact that SkinWear helps to prevents permanent ingrained dirt, dry and cracked skin, hard and callus skin, and accumulation of dirt under and around the fingernails.
Protector ? Anti-Bacterial ? Cleaner ? Moisturizer
Long Lasting Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
ALL Natural ? Non-Alcohol Based?    Kills 99.9% of Germs?    More effective than current products on the market?    Persistent germ killing capacity for up to 4 hours w/single application?    Extended efficacy for an additional 4 hours ?    Combats spore activity of clostridium difficile?    Increased safety zone of protection?    Continues to protect under gloves ? 2nd line of defense?    Controls odor and perspiration under gloves?    Maintains a germ free environment?    FDA compliant antimicrobial hand sanitizing formulation- OTC?    Alternative to abrasive hand soaps & waterless hand sanitizers?    Moisturizes Skin ALL DAY LONG ? retains natural moisturizing oils?    Non Alcohol Based ? Non Drying to the Skin?    NO MORE DRY CRACKED HANDS ? Prevents Hard & Callous Skin?    Antibacterial ? Biodegradable ? Non-Toxic ? Non-Flammable?    Environmentally Friendly ? Silicone Free – Hypoallergenic “

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