Intact BLES Products List and labels

Intact BLES: Products List

products list

Intact BLES Labels:

Intact BLES System Components:

BLES Controller  (System Controller-ML-000036-4 rev 005)

BLES handle (replacement) (Handle Label 777-001E)

BLES Foot switch (777-001E_Device Label)

Intact BLES wands (probes)

10 mm wand (777-110)

12 mm wand with Bladed Tip (777-112BT)

12 mm wand (777-112)

15 mm Wand with Bladed tip (777-115BT)

15 mm Wand (777-115)

20 mm Wand with Bladed tip (777-120BT)

20 mm Wand (777-120)

Excise-XL (30 mm) Wand (888-500)

Excise XL(30 mm) Handle (888-100E)

ExciseXL Switch (888-100E)

Distributed by Minahi Sendor Ventures

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