Intact BLES Products List and labels

Intact BLES: Products List Intact BLES Labels: Intact BLES System Components: BLES Controller  (System Controller-ML-000036-4 rev 005) BLES handle (replacement) (Handle Label 777-001E) BLES Foot switch (777-001E_Device Label) Intact BLES wands (probes) 10 mm wand (777-110) 12 mm wand with Bladed Tip (777-112BT) 12 mm wand (777-112) 15 mm Wand with Bladed tip (777-115BT) 15 […]

Intact BLES Studies and Scientific Papers

The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine: Percutaneous breast lesion excision system (BLES) A new tool for complete closed excision of high risk lesions   AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BREAST SURGEONS: Definitive Diagnosis for High-Risk Breast Lesions Without Open Surgical Excision: The Intact Percutaneous Excision Trial (IPET) – ORIGINAL ARTICLE   American Cancer Society: Multicenter […]

Therabond-3D Informational and Brochures

SSI Brochure 2013 General Instructions For Use Burn Mgt Brochure Advanced Wound Care Brochure (1) Therabond®-3D-Surgical-Site-Incisions-Brochure Therabond®-3D-Instructions-for-Use Therabond®-3D-Burns-Brochure Therabond®-3D-Advanced-Wound-Care-Brochure Therabond Competitive Info _ Additional Application Areas_new Instruction Manual_2013_idealchoice_Rev2_lores_pages Questions and answers about T3D ver 1.2.0 TheraBond Borchure by AME