Intact BLES Products List and labels

Intact BLES: Products List Intact BLES Labels: Intact BLES System Components: BLES Controller  (System Controller-ML-000036-4 rev 005) BLES handle (replacement) (Handle Label 777-001E) BLES Foot switch (777-001E_Device Label) Intact BLES wands (probes) 10 mm wand (777-110) 12 mm wand with Bladed Tip (777-112BT) 12 mm wand (777-112) 15 mm Wand with Bladed tip (777-115BT) 15 […]

Intact BLES Studies and Scientific Papers

The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine: Percutaneous breast lesion excision system (BLES) A new tool for complete closed excision of high risk lesions   AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BREAST SURGEONS: Definitive Diagnosis for High-Risk Breast Lesions Without Open Surgical Excision: The Intact Percutaneous Excision Trial (IPET) – ORIGINAL ARTICLE   American Cancer Society: Multicenter […]

Therabond-3D Informational and Brochures

SSI Brochure 2013 General Instructions For Use Burn Mgt Brochure Advanced Wound Care Brochure (1) Therabond®-3D-Surgical-Site-Incisions-Brochure Therabond®-3D-Instructions-for-Use Therabond®-3D-Burns-Brochure Therabond®-3D-Advanced-Wound-Care-Brochure Therabond Competitive Info _ Additional Application Areas_new Instruction Manual_2013_idealchoice_Rev2_lores_pages Questions and answers about T3D ver 1.2.0 TheraBond Borchure by AME  

Mist Therapy: Product Documents and Brochures

MIST product Brochure UltraMIST product brochure Quick Reference Guide UltraMIST quick reference guide MIST 360 Quick Reference Guide MIST and MIST 360 MIST 360 Sell Sheet MIST Therapy Indications Celleration Warranty Statement (This version is obsolete, please refer to Alliqua Warranty terms in MSV agreement) Celleration Return Damage Policy (This version is obsolete, please refer to Alliqua Warranty terms in […]