This is the private online portal for our distributors and partners. Here we will have the information, the documents, and the  videos in one place to assist you in knowing the products more, and being able to validate them, register them and provide documents when required of you. AME-MARK TBL LLC and its affiliate Minahi Sendor Ventures LLC are the master distributors for Middle East and Africa, for most of the products you see here.

A market authorization letter can be shared sent to you upon request.

Currently, some of the products that we have  here, like Mist Therapy,  are new to our portfolio, so we don’t have the all the documents here, but they will be added shortly, so check back frequently. Other products are under restricted distribution, example, Skinwear, meaning we have distribution rights to certain countries but not all countries in Middle East and Africa. The rest of the products are under full distribution rights and we have the full right to the whole Middle East and/or Africa.


For more information about AME-MARK TBL LLC, please visit www.amemark.com

AME-MARK TBL LLC is based in Los Angeles/Torrance California. Minahi Sendor Ventures is a partnership between AME-MARK TBL LLC and JB Sendor Ventures inc. Minahi Sendor Ventures inc. is based in Colorado.


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